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Daetwyler Doctor Blades for Gravure Printing Daetwyler Doctor Blades for Flexo Printing
Printing presses, substrates and applications come in many varieties within the packaging gravure industry presenting a range of printing problems. If you experience trouble with Toning, Dragouts, Bleeding, Streaking or Chrome Wear (banding), MDC manufactures Doctor Blades designed to meet your specifications and applications providing you with a solution to eliminate these and other printing prob.... Flexographic printing presses operate with combination anilox roller/doctor blade inking systems making it important for doctor blades to have extended lifetimes. Depending upon the application, lamella, bevel or straight blades with rounded edges are used to meter the ink. Due to the abrasive surface of ceramic anilox rollers, minimal doctor blade pressure is always recommended. In general, a thi....
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