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Daetwyler Doctor Blades for Flexo Printing

Since 1973 Daetwyler has been developing and producing revolutionary doctor blades for Gravure and Flexographic printing processes, setting new worldwide standards in the field of printing technology and positioning ourselves ahead of the competition.

A comprehensive product range that literally offers a blade solution for every printing application is constantly being refined to meet the printing industry's changing needs.

Our dedicated team of representatives is here to provide you with technical and sales answers for your most common and costliest printing problems.

Product benefits:

• Innovation: The special lamella types and various coatings, also for special applications, underline the innovative drive of Daetwyler in the area of Doctor Blades

• Flexibility: Due to the in-house R & D facilities and manufacturing it is possible to flexibly react to the latest market requirements

• Print quality: Elimination of toning, spitting, scoring

• Performance: Through an ideal matching to the respective cylinder surface an optimal life time of the doctor blade is achieved


Flexographic printing presses operate with combination anilox roller/doctor blade inking systems making it important for doctor blades to have extended lifetimes. Depending upon the application, lamella, bevel or straight blades with rounded edges are used to meter the ink. Due to the abrasive surface of ceramic anilox rollers, minimal doctor blade pressure is always recommended. In general, a thinner blade edge allows for a cleaner wipe. Equally important for good doctor blade life is the relationship between cell configurations (shape/count) and blade tip thickness. MDC manufactures a variety of doctor blades designed for maximum lifetime to meet your specifications and applications.

The MDC SOFT doctor blade is coated with a soft, corrosion-resistant nickel coating. The soft coating provides a more gentle contact point, therefore reducing or eliminating the chance of roll scoring. This coating also heals small nicks in the blade edge, reducing lines and streaking as well as steel contamination of the ink.
This design results in: Lower blade wear Less waste and reduced downtime Reduced ink spitting Clear and sharp printing results Optimised ink release Reduced anilox roll wear.
The LONGLIFE doctor blade is the best choice for fighting print defects, such as streaking. It is commonly used for higher line screens where cleaner doctoring is required. This hardened coating significantly lengthens blade life, therefore reducing the amount of steel contamination in the ink. Fewer blade changes are needed, resulting in reduced downtime and waste.
The award winning doctor blade with a consistent tip thickness. The contact area remains unchanged throughout the life of the blade, therefore, no changes in tonal value or gradation occur due to wear. The special polished contact zones of these doctor blades guarantee a quick start-up without problems.
The bevelled edge reduces the start up time and guarantees a clean wipe. Due to the increased stiffness of this blade configuration, break-outs of the blade tip are greatly reduced. For process inks and short print runs bevel angles between 4° and 15° are recommended.
This design results in: Corrosion resistance Greatly reduced score lines Smooth blade edge Decreased streaking Reduced downtime Extended Doctor Blade life.

CellCount Lamella Thickness Lamella Length
200-600 l/inch 125 micron (0.005") 1.3 mm (0.0102")
600-1150 l/inch 100 micron (0.004") 1.3 mm (0.0102")
>1150 l/inch 80 micron (0.003") 1.3 mm (0.0102")