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Daetwyler Doctor Blades for Gravure Printing

Since 1973 Daetwyler has been developing and producing revolutionary doctor blades for Gravure and Flexographic printing processes, setting new worldwide standards in the field of printing technology and positioning ourselves ahead of the competition.

A comprehensive product range that literally offers a blade solution for every printing application is constantly being refined to meet the printing industry's changing needs.

Our dedicated team of representatives is here to provide you with technical and sales answers for your most common and costliest printing problems.

Product benefits:

• Innovation: The special lamella types and various coatings, also for special applications, underline the innovative drive of Daetwyler in the area of Doctor Blades

• Flexibility: Due to the in-house R & D facilities and manufacturing it is possible to flexibly react to the latest market requirements

• Print quality: Elimination of toning, spitting, scoring

• Performance: Through an ideal matching to the respective cylinder surface an optimal life time of the doctor blade is achieved


Printing presses, substrates and applications come in many varieties within the packaging gravure industry presenting a range of printing problems. If you experience trouble with Toning, Dragouts, Bleeding, Streaking or Chrome Wear (banding), MDC manufactures Doctor Blades designed to meet your specifications and applications providing you with a solution to eliminate these and other printing problems.

This award-winning doctor blade has a consistent tip thickness, which provides even doctoring for all gravure cylinder applications. Tonal values remain unchanged throughout the life of the blade. The specially polished tip guarantees a quick, streak free start-up.
The best choice for fighting print defects, the LONGLIFE doctor blade provides clean doctoring, reduces drag-outs and increases cylinder life. With an industry specific hardened coating that significantly increases blade life, press downtime and waste are reduced. It is an excellent blade for abrasive and corrosive inks and coatings.
This white carbon steel doctor blade is coated with a soft nickel based material that is resistant to corrosive inks, coatings and lacquers. The SOFT blade fits well for the water based gravure industry because it helps prevent oxidation. The soft, self-repairing coating greatly decreases streaking by reducing the contamination in the inks.
A 3o flat beveled doctor blade increases stiffness and reduces tip deflection caused by high blade pressure and fast press speeds. The thin tip wipes clean, helping to decrease print related toning and hazing issues. The 50-micron tip increases proportionally to the 3o angled bevel.

 Supporting blade

The quality of the steel and the precision in the manufacturing process greatly influence the print quality. A supporting blade is being used if the pressure on the working Doctor Blade is too high or the clamping of the Doctor Blade is not ideal. Key is to avoid any deflection in the Doctor Blade to achieve an even and consistant contact area. The supporting blade should give the Doctor Blade the needed stability. This will also aid in eliminating waviness in the wiping Doctor Blade. This Doctor Blade is putting high standards on the steel preparation in order to guarantee precise ink metering. This design results in the following advantages: Perfect straightness and stiffness assure consistent support of the wiping doctor blade | A base material of twice the thickness of the

 Laquers & Lamination

All blades listed above can also be used in coating units for Laquers and Lamination. Coating units are equipped with fully engraved steel or chrome rollers. Either doctor blades or metering rollers are used to control the coating film thickness. In general, the blade dimensions and the blade set-ups are the same as in packaging gravure printing.